Taylor Farms HQ

The Taylor Farms Complex was designed as the centerpiece of a redevelopment project focused on a key block in downtown Salinas, directly across the street from The Steinbeck Center, a local Museum and Event Space. Taylor Fresh Foods (known as Taylor Farms) currently ranks as the world’s largest processor of fresh-cut vegetables, so the complex is designed with appearance, utility, and community enhancements in mind. The design of the Taylor Farms building includes vibrant streetscape retail space, a corner “public” plaza, and ample use of St. Joe’s Brick, imported from New Orleans. The project’s standout features include a large, active roof terrace and a variety of unique interior spaces, including test kitchens and an auditorium for the Taylor Farms team.


Taylor Farms

Project Type:

Commercial Officespace

Area + Density:

10,890 SF (2.25 AC)


Downtown, Salinas

Project Status:


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