Guadalupe River Masterplan

The conceptual design & vision for this project was to meet developer’s program objectives and ultimately create a presentation package for showing to city leaders, stakeholders and possible partners for development.  The project includes:

- Creative Office                                                             4 Towers       2.5 – 3MM SF

- Restaurant/Shops/Entertainment                           Base levels       approximately 300k SF

- Residential Towers                                                       4 Towers       2,000 – 2,500 units

- Hotels / 2 Flagship + Conference                               2 Towers       approximately 400 rooms

- Structured Parking                                                       In base & underground  

- Relocation of key buildings in Little Italy      

- Public plazas / fountains / art / promenade /
  bridges / extreme water sports / pod car stop


Barry Swenson Builders

Project Type:

Urban Master Plan

Area + Density:

1,306,800 SF (30 AC)


Downtown, San Jose

Project Status:

Schematic Design

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