West San Carlos - Mixed Use Apartments

The proposed project is for a Mixed Use Development in 2 phases. Phase 1 proposes 103 Residential Units & approximately 14,000 SF of Commercial space on 0.88 AC of land, with total building square footage of 188,725 SF. Phase 2 proposes 70 Residential Units & 7,118 SF of Commercial space on 0.46 AC of land, with total building square footage of 125,995 SF. The project site is in the West San Carlos Urban Village. Both Phases propose a concrete podium structure with wood framing up above. The architecture is modern in both form & materials with generous amounts of glazing to bring in natural light and exposed concrete/ metal/ and wood to complete the palette of exterior finishes.


Urban Villas LLC

Project Type:

Mixed Use Development

Area + Density:

38,332 SF (0.88 AC)


Urban Village - Downtown San Jose, CA

Project Status:


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